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High Performance Patella Helix for compression treatment and pain management of patella pain, runners knee or patellar tendon injuries (patella tendonitis). High Performance Knee Helix for use on the knee for compression maintenance treatment of minor meniscus, anterior cruciate (ACL), posterior cruciate (PCL), medial collateral (MCL), lateral collateral (LCL) ligament strains or patella pain. High Performance Elbow Helix for use on the forearm and elbow for compression management of proximal forearm strains, tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis), golfers elbow (medial epicondylitis) as well as injury prevention.
Patella Helix
Price: $34.95
Knee Helix
Price: $34.95
Elbow Helix
Price: $45.95

Ideal for Patella Tendonitis or Knee Tracking Issues. The Patella Helix provides both performance and comfort not yet found in conventional knee bands and sport supports. Reduces vibration and oscillation that causes patella pain.

The Knee Helix provides a moderate level of support to the collateral ligaments, anterior knee, patella and patellar tendon. Ideal for maintenance support of the knee, management of swelling in the knee and knee pain.

The Elbow Helix is a breakthrough in support and compression treatment of elbow pain associated with overuse. Effective for use on tennis elbow, golfers elbow, forearm pain and reducing swelling of the elbow joint.

High Performance Thigh Helix for use on the quadracep or quad for compression treatment of pulled quad, quad strains, hamstring strain and thigh pain. High Performance Full Knee Helix for use on the entire knee for compression treatment of minor meniscus, anterior (ACL), posterior (PCL), medial (MCL), lateral (LCL) ligament strains or patellar injuries. High Performance Full Calf Helix for use on the whole calf muscle for compression management of calf strains, calf tendon pain, achilles tendon pain, shin splints including injury prevention.
Thigh Helix
Price: $54.95
Full Knee Helix
Price: $54.95
Full Calf Helix
Price: $45.95

The Thigh Helix provides exceptional support to hamstrings and quadriceps through uniform compression treatment of the thigh. Reduce injury through reduced muscle oscillation and vibration during sporting activity.

The Full Knee Helix is the ideal full knee support brace providing compression and comfort of the knee and collateral ligaments (MCL. LCL). The unique fabric ensures that a BodyHelix knee support will not slip during activity.

The Full Calf Helix offers the most comfortable compression of the full calf muscle and attached tendons. Reduce muscle oscillation, fatigue and pain.

High Performance Ankle Helix for use on the ankle for compression management of ankle sprains, strains, ligament, Achilles tendon and proximal plantar foot structures including injury management and prevention. High Performance Arm Helix for use on the bicep for compression management of bicep strains, bicep tendon pain, distal bicep tendon pain, injury management and prevention. High Performance Calf Helix for use on the calf muscle for compression treatment and pain management of calf strains, calf tendon pain and calf injuries.
Ankle Helix
Price: $34.95
Arm Helix
Price: $34.95
Calf Helix
Price: $34.95
Uniform compression is provided to the ankle ligaments, distal Achilles tendons and proximal plantar foot structures. This Helix unburdens the ankle tendons injured with overuse syndromes or acute sprains and strains.

The Arm Helix assists with muscle and tendon injuries, injury prevention and management of bicep, tricep and forearm strains and pain.

The Calf Helix improves your ability to perform by lessening vibration and oscillation of the calf muscle. Reduce pain and calf strain during and after exercise.

High Performance Compression Support

BodyHelix compression supports have a 300%+ expansion ratio, super elasticity and uniform compression, which makes a world of difference in creating the finest form-fitting sports brace. Some of our more popular Helix products include:

Reduce Pain and Play your Game!

BodyHelix is a result of sports injury research and know how. Built with top materials to ensure quality and performance, during, and after your sporting activity.

Sports people who use BodyHelix say:

  • Helps and prevents sports injury
  • Stays in position
  • Superior comfort
  • Reduces muscle fatigue
  • Reduces swelling
  • Gives you total freedom of movement

Adrian Shorthouse

... I am genuinely impressed with the difference it has made.
Adrian's compression thigh support...

Andy Leinwand

I was struggling with long runs and constant tightening of my hamstrings.
Andy's tight hamstring recovery...

Jay Houghton

I can now run without pain, the supports have opened up a whole new world for me.
Jay's knee pain treatment and recovery...

Josh Green

The Patella band is definitely having a positive impact on my injury...
Josh's patella tendonitis recovery...

Ben Scott

...exceptionally comfortable to wear...support and compression that I have never come across before.
Ben's calf support and running...

Sean Maxwell

Thank you for the bodyhelix knee supports which have been fantastic.
Sean's knee pain treatment and recovery...

Neil Birchall

The Bodyhelix offers excellent support, I use them for recovery too...
Neil's calf injury compression treatment...

Jenna Limerick

BodyHelix enabled me to recover to train the next day!
Jenna's calf injury, recovery and training...